Periwinkle Hangover

If I had to choose my favorite thing ever written by me, it would be this.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and interpretations.

Periwinkle Hangover

Regression and recession

a crispy dollar bill

climb inside

take the ride

She knows someone who will

Catalyst of comedy

dramatic entourage

a penny wish

a day to fish

A Sensual Massage

Carburetor Carbon

Liver on the brain

take the fun

leave at one

Crescendo and refrain

Pimple on the memory

fire in her thigh

Wasps and bees

they’re in the trees

She wishes she could fly

Round the broken corner

One minute then it’s gone

The hanging lights

are in her sight

The divas carry on

She dreams her dreams ridiculous

She prints it on her shirt

An ailment grows

A warm wind blows

As she lifts up her skirt

Hormones lost to knowledge

Generations lost to time

it wastes away

the DNA

She’s wading through the crime

Midnight isn’t breakfast

She has a box for lunch

the food was good

she understood

She’s going on a hunch

Cataclysm is amidst

A riotous brigade

resolve is rare

and white is hair

May the what-ifs never fade


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