Don’t tempt me with the lights of Broadway

Only to shroud me in the obscurities of regret

You don’t know me.

Character is more than a font

Its commercial epitaph on your arm

You don’t own me

But you are most certainly owned

Blonde hair is blinding to those who can’t comprehend bleach

It’s pointless to try

My punctuation is fine you see

I never stopped to think

So it never occurred to me

That I should take a breath

Because I can feel

The importance of a message

Rather than the

Impending critique

Of its recipient.

Don’t judge my brain by my shoes

Your perception is skewed by the price tag

Hanging from your name

And I have no time for ordinary.

A race of humans

Desperately seeking




Can’t you see how thirsty we are?


Blinded by the paycheck

There you remain.





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