What the hell

So… this is what it is to have a blog.  “Blog” is one of those funny words that make you think of these new aged formats for communication on the internet, but now that I’m trying it out it just reminds me of the original AOL profile where you got to make your own little website and write whatever you wanted.  Its kind of anticlimactic if you ask me.

Isn’t it odd how we move so far forward just to come right back to the beginning?

I guess that’s a pretty good metaphor for what even brought me here in the first place.  I needed a hobby.  I needed something that would give me an outlet that went beyond catering to the every need of my three beautiful children, and I had no idea what that was for the longest time.  Being a parent takes all of the focus off of who and what you are and kind of transforms you into this care-giving machine that has no time and no focus on yourself.  You have to be careful not to lose your own identity while you try to mold these new, wonderful little people.  I did, but I’m working on bringing her back just a little bit at a time.

There were a few things that really made me feel like “me” that I let go of.  One of those things was writing.  I used to write about EVERYTHING.  Every little thing that happened to me, every little idea that might have turned into a good story.  Memoirs, poetry, fiction, non-fiction… You name it, I wrote it.  I haven’t been that way in about 13 years, so I figured “What the hell?” and started writing again.  I’m rusty, so don’t be too hard on me, but it would be nice to grow as a writer and maybe one day I’ll get published again.

I tried to enter a writing contest this morning and it prompted me to start my own blog in order to submit my writing, so I got this bad boy started and here I am.  You don’t have to like my writing.  You don’t even have to read it.  If you’re here, just be respectful and kind to myself and anyone else that may comment.  Constructive criticism is always welcomed, so feel free to write whatever you like.

I guess its time to post some of my writing.

What the hell.

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