Second Act

Senescence. Conceding to circumstance. Hope nearly extinct.

Exhaustion. Yet,

Complacency doesn’t pave the way to fulfillment.

One fragment of this trip around the sun is coming to an end.

Never too late to aim higher.

Don’t give up on me now.


Applause booms from every direction as I take my place.

Center stage. Trembling hands. Bright lights.

The curtain opens on a performance I never thought I’d see.


This was written as an entry for YeahWrite. This month’s poetry slam is…

The Acrostic

The word or phrase that reads “down” in your acrostic must be the title of your poem, and it must be relevant to the content of the poem.

10 thoughts on “Second Act

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  1. The second stanza has a very solid setting. The abstract ideas in the first stanza make the reality of the second stand out even more. Would the audience applaud before the curtain is raised or after?

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