Moments Accumulated

Official Disclaimer:

Sooooooooo the YeahWrite prompt this week involved the option to write a sestina. I had never heard of such a thing, so I figured, why not? How hard could it be?

Hard. Apparently it could be pretty frikkin’ hard.😂

Moments Accumulated

Tempers became Elevated

Budding conflict Escalated

He became Intoxicated.

Gender roles Perpetuated.

Fidelity Investigated.

Then they fell Apart.

So began their life Apart.

Indiscretions Elevated

Carnality Investigated

Appetition Escalated.

Gender roles Perpetuated.

Destroyed. Devoid. Intoxicated.

Consumedwithloss Intoxicated

Alone. Absorbed. Apart.

Gender roles Perpetuated.

Anxious anger Elevated

Social scrutiny Escalated

He lived his life Investigated .

Every moment she Investigated

From dawn to dawn Intoxicated

Obsession ever Escalated.

Undeniably Apart.

Jealousy was Elevated

Gender roles Perpetuated.

Gender roles Perpetuated

Revealed that she Investigated.

Contact. Voices Elevated.

Consumed. Derailed. Intoxicated.

He ensured they’d be Apart.

Catastrophe had Escalated.

Savage bloodshed Escalated

Gender roles Perpetuated

Juxtaposed their time Apart.

He’d no longer be Investigated

Asphyxiated. Intoxicated.

Her spirit, her essence, Elevated…

Pandemonium Apart. Confusion lingered. Marinated. Her blood coagulated. The law Investigated.

Interrogated. Suspicion Escalated. Shaded. Jaded. Obliterated. Was the man Intoxicated?

A life abbreviated, Deteriorated. Elevated. Eternity Perpetuated.

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  1. It’s harder than it looks! I liked the rhythm here, too – I usually teach away from rhymes in sestina but it worked here to add a little bit of meter. Pushing the stanzas together gave the reading process the same “tumbling-down” effect that the poem was describing, which also worked well.

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