Padlock Junction

Gullible phub Thewless prodigy Prodigal daughters of our time. Erudition superstition Not at odds here. No bolt may stifle The freedom of your consciousness. Burn down the library And crucify the church If you must. The padlocks you’ve purchased are your own to pound.   Written for Week #3 of Nate's poetry class, Fun With... Continue Reading →

The Radical Wisdom of a Child

Check out my friend’s new blog! He’s got a very unique voice. I think you’ll enjoy what you find here😁

Consider Faith: A Blog on Christian Social Justice

I have to admit that when it comes to being what some would consider a “progressive parent” I probably don’t win any awards. Sure, I try to teach my kids the importance of Christian love, charity, social justice, etc.. However, I sleep pretty soundly at night, even after hearing my son tell me he killed 45 people with direct “head shots” on the XBOX.

I also am guilty, along with a great many other parents throughout the history of Western Civilization, of assuming that my children are not really all that interested or attuned to what is going on in the world. So when my son asked me the other day if we can attend the “March for Our Lives” gathering in Washington D.C. to protest gun violence, I was a little surprised.

As a Father I try to be very small (d) democratic. For all my parents neo-conservatism I…

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Parental Guidance

“You promised me this wouldn’t happen again. “I’m sorry mom, I did my best.” The breeze lifted the report card gently off of the table, and shifted it only enough to put it in the sweat of the water glass. “I just don’t understand how such a smart kid can bring home such low grades.... Continue Reading →

Better Late Than Never

So eight years of baby making, baby raising, cooking, cleaning, hyper-budgeting, bad hair and fingerprinted walls go by... and all of the sudden it's time. Holy shit, is it really time to leave my mommy bubble and re-enter the grownup world?  My youngest  is going to get on the bus and go to school. What... Continue Reading →


ADHD most definitely runs in families. I don’t need to check WebMD to verify that. I’m living it. I’m also beginning to believe that it’s contagious among coworkers, friends, and I think we may have given it to our dog. I am one hundred percent guilty of spreading the contagion that is my inability to... Continue Reading →


In 1995 a crazy old woman sat outside of my junior high school in her silver ‘84 Ford Bronco. I didn’t know she was there, and I would have wanted nothing to do with her if I had. She watched me walk out surrounded by a posse of skater kids; an unlit cigarette dangled from... Continue Reading →

Next Please

“Next please!” Wiping wet hands against my apron, I smile. “Skinny Chai latte.” Face in phone.  Sunglasses on. I’m not a servant. “What size?” “Large.” “Venti?” “Whatever.” Take her money.  Make her drink. She sips. She falls. Success. Vetting the unworthy For the Great Beyond. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-7789843252619037", enable_page_level_ads: true... Continue Reading →


     Freezing breezes nipped at his appendages. Teetering at the apex of a remote bridge, Marshall sat on the wrong side of the guardrail contemplating the existential purpose of his being. Chapped lips quivering, he couldn’t find a reason to continue breathing icy air into worn out lungs. He was six inches away from... Continue Reading →

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