ADHD most definitely runs in families. I don’t need to check WebMD to verify that. I’m living it. I’m also beginning to believe that it’s contagious among coworkers, friends, and I think we may have given it to our dog. I am one hundred percent guilty of spreading the contagion that is my inability to... Continue Reading →

Mount Washmore

*I must give credit to the fabulous and inspirational FlyLady for coining this term*   Welcome to Mount Washmore - A national monument located next to my laundry room.   Founded in 2007, Mt. Washmore was forged by an ever growing family with the uncanny ability to spill anything, fall everywhere, and change clothes for the... Continue Reading →


In 1995 a crazy old woman sat outside of my junior high school in her silver ‘84 Ford Bronco. I didn’t know she was there, and I would have wanted nothing to do with her if I had. She watched me walk out surrounded by a posse of skater kids; an unlit cigarette dangled from... Continue Reading →

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